Video Lectures (in German)

During the Corona pandemics, the lectures were provided as Youtube-Videos. Note that the videos were recorded in 2020. Therefore, the dates are not correct and the content may differ from the actual lecture.

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1April 121.1View Video
2April 142.1.3View Video
3April 192.2.2View Video
4April 212.2.3View Video
5April 262.2.4View Video
6April 282.2.5View Video
7May 033.1View Video
8May 053.2View Video
9May 104.1.1View Video
10May 124.1.5View Video
11May 174.2View Video
12May 194.2.2View Video
13May 264.2.3View Video
14May 314.3 (1)View Video
15June 024.3 (2)View Video
16June 074.4View Video
17June 095.1.1View Video
18June 145.1.2View Video
19June 165.1.6View Video
20June 215.2.1View Video
21June 235.2.3View Video
22June 285.3View Video
23June 306.1View Video
24July 056.3View Video
25July 077.1View Video
26July 128.1View Video
27July 148.2View Video
Corona Video Lectures