Video Lectures (in German)

During the Corona crisis, the lectures will be provided per Video.

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1April 201.1View Video
2April 222.1.3View Video
3April 272.2.2View Video
4April 292.2.3View Video
5May 42.2.4View Video
6May 62.2.5View Video
7May 113.1View Video
8May 133.2View Video
9May 184.1.1View Video
10May 204.1.5View Video
11May 254.2View Video
12May 274.2.2View Video
13June 034.2.3View Video
14June 084.3 (1)View Video
15June 104.3 (2)View Video
16June 154.4View Video
17June 175.1.1View Video
18June 225.1.2View Video
19June 245.1.6View Video
20June 295.2.1View Video
21July 015.2.3View Video
22July 065.3View Video
23July 086.1View Video
24July 136.3View Video
25July 157.1View Video
26July 208.1View Video
27July 228.2View Video
Corona Video Lectures